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Speed of Trust Radio Podcast Hits #77 on iTunes

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

SPEED OF TRUST Radio interviews by Stephen M. R. Covey rose to the top 100 downloads on Apple’s iTunes podcasts this week.  SPEED OF TRUST Radio is a joint venture between the Affiliate Nanocasting Network (ANN) and CoveyLink Worldwide.  Of this success, Stephen said, “I am thrilled that the Speed of Trust is striking such a chord in the digital world.  Clearly, as Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, stated in my interview with him, ‘Money was the currency of the old economy; TRUST is the currency of the new global economy.’  I couldn’t agree more.”

Your Need for SPEED

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

New Year; No Time.  No time to even evaluate the head-spinning number of offers for advice on how to manage your time in 2007.

Why just manage your time when you can lead your life?  The small incremental gains of efficiency in traditional time management pale in comparison to the problem of our lack of bandwidth to handle the increasing volume of input in our lives.  Technology’s promise of more time is more than offset by the astronomical increase in the volume of input from email and text messages, let alone our 24/7 access by cell phone.

You need SPEED!  You need a quantum leap in time savings of hours and days, not just minutes.

TRUST offers this magical momentum.  We call it the SPEED of TRUST™.  We contend that nothing is as fast as the speed of trust.  Consider this: we are moving into larger offices—a daunting task on top of the demands of a fast start to a new year. To make matters worse, this move required a new phone system well beyond the sophistication of the one we quickly selected off-the-shelf at our local Office Max in the beginning.  This is a complex issue.  Enterprise level phone systems are computerized and intricate.  Comparing all the options and discerning which recommendations to follow was nausea inducing.  Enter TRUST.  Through a trusted friend, we were referred to his trusted phone expert with a strong vote of confidence from our friend, based on his direct experience of this guy’s track record.  Five to 10 days saved.

It gets better.  We also needed another business development associate—another mind-numbing time drain.  Recruiting top-level talent in a fully employed market is extremely difficult and can take weeks of searching and interviewing.  With just a few calls to a few trusted colleagues, we found an extraordinary candidate.  Four to eight weeks saved.

For the sake of speed, we will resist sharing the several other examples associated with just this single event, let alone myriad of examples in other dimensions of our business. Wait, can’t resist, one last standout example for you to consider:  customer referrals.  How much time and money do you invest in searching for ideal new customers?  Think how much time and money a direct referral from a trusted friend or customer is worth to you.

As old Ben Franklin said, “Time is money.”  Multiply a few personal examples of the time you have saved last year from the speed of trust by your annual income.  If you own a business or lead someone else’s, plug in a number and multiply it by your organization’s annual payroll.  SPEED pays.

The SPEED of TRUST™ is a quantum leap timesaver.  It keeps the magic of momentum on your side.  Another dimension of the speed of trust for a future discussion is the leverage of entrusting others to take on some of your tasks.  This concept of the highest-and-best-use has the potential to optimize both your time and your life.

One last reality check. Yes, we do know traditional time management and technology are also very important and amplify your speed.  We do practice state-of-the-art time management AND use world-class technology.  However, they are secondary drivers of the momentum and growth of our business.  Trust produces exponentially more momentum and speed where it counts—for our business and for our clients’ businesses.

This year, live life like you mean it—expand your circle of influence and harvest the SPEED of TRUST™.


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Stephen M. R. Covey and Greg  Link are co-founders of CoveyLink & The Global Speed of Trust Practice with worldwide license partner FranklinCovey. We advise and train leading organizations, government agencies and educational entities to transform toxic relationships, toxic teams and toxic cultures to high trust, high performance, fully engaged growth engines.  We have presented keynotes is over 40 countries around the world based on our  New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller, The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything and our new, already #1 book, Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy and Joy in a low Trust World.



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